Monday, January 19, 2009

We got one thing in common

The concert pianist who doesn't practice at all before a major performance.

The Olympic athlete who blows off training weeks before his meet.

The singer who attends the rock concert the night before, screaming her vocal chords away.

The tournament poker player who never bothers to practice masking his tells.

The graduate student who puts off her thesis until a week before its due.

The public speaker who never glances at the speech he had his speechwriter craft for him.

The Weight Watchers devotee who thinks "If I just run 4 miles every day, I can totally go over my Points allowance and still lose weight this week."

We have one thing in common.

Monday Weigh-In:

Last week's weight: 159.2
This week's weight: 159.2
Change: 0

Another perspective...

The child trying to walk, that gets up after every fall.

The injured athlete who rededicates herself to training.

The disgraced performer who practices in private until he is ready for a comeback.

The addict who falls off the wagon and gets back on again.

The Weight Watchers devotee who has struggled with unhealthy food relationships, poor self-image, poor choices, too many excuses, and lapses in dedication for most of her adult life, who is going to make this week as good as any other.

Its just a horse, and you can always get back on it.

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  1. Good post. I feel the same sometimes... most of the time. I've had a week or two where I was really trying and no results. Unhappy. But I'll keep going b/c that's what I do.